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Aerial photo of the township of Kalbar

Drive into the heart of the Scenic Rim Region and discover Kalbar, a charming village just a short drive from Brisbane.

This friendly town with German heritage (once called Fassifern Scrub and Engelsburg) has a welcoming population of around 1,100 people.

Picture rolling farmlands, stunning national parks, and historic buildings whispering tales of the past. Relax in cosy cafes, browse local shops, and rest your head in classic country hotels. Kalbar's hidden limestone mines and vintage car shows also promise an adventure for everyone.

As the northern gateway to the Scenic Rim, Kalbar is your key to unforgettable experiences.


Map of Kalbar

Improvised map of Kalbar township

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A Brief History of Kalbar

Kalbar's history is a rich tapestry woven by German immigrant families such as the Weinholts, Krauses, and Dieckmanns. These families settled in the area in the mid-1800s, leaving their European homeland behind.

Initially part of the "Fassifern Sheep Run" and later known as the "Fassifern Pastoral Run," the diverse landscape was opened for farm selections in 1868.

August Engels, a local businessman, initiated trade from his home in 1876-77 and established a small store, eventually evolving into the iconic "Wiss Emporium." Despite thriving under the name "Engelsburg" by 1879, anti-German sentiment during World War I led to the government's order to rename the town.

In 1916, the name "Kalbar" was adopted, derived from a local Aboriginal word, with its meaning debated but ultimately accepted as "bright" or "star."


Local Amenities

The town of Kalbar offers a range of amenities aimed at providing a comfortable stay for residents and visitors alike. From general stores to specialty shops, the town caters to everyday needs.

It features a well-equipped civic centre, historical churches, a welcoming hotel, and lively showgrounds for cultural and civic engagement. Dedicated schools, tranquil parks, and gardens offer spaces for relaxation and family activities.

Kalbar's main business area hosts specialty shops like Postmaster's Sweets and the Scenic Rim Farm Shop & Cafe, offering local produce and handmade collectibles.

Additionally, institutions like the Fassifern Christian Church and the Salvation Army provide help and guidance, while the Scenic Rim Regional Council operates a mobile library service, ensuring access to diverse reading materials.

Local organisations foster community spirit, welcoming new faces and contributing to a vibrant town atmosphere.


Kalbar Local Attractions

Immerse yourself in Kalbar's German heritage by exploring streets lined with historic buildings, enjoying homestyle food in local cafes, and discovering tales in welcoming pubs.

Neighbouring towns like Roadvale, Harrisville, and Peak Crossing offer similar experiences, each with its unique charm and attractions.

✓ Summer Land Camels
 Kalbar Show (usually held in June)
✓ Kalbar Country Day (usually held in late October)
 Light Up Kalbar (usually held in early December)
 Kalbar's German Heritage

For a distinctive encounter, visit Summer Land Camels near Harrisville to meet the resident camels, explore the charming homestead and farm, and find treasures at the shop.

Engage in lively festivities during the Kalbar Show in June, Kalbar Country Day in late October, and Light Up Kalbar in early December, celebrating local delights, community spirit, and the festive season.

Witness prize-winning critters, savour local wines & cheeses, and get your thrills on carnival rides. It's a taste of friendly country charm, community spirit, and summer fun under the sun.

From historical treasures to vibrant festivals and charming shops, Kalbar's attractions unveil a glimpse into its rich heritage and warm community spirit, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits.


Cottage Accommodation Kalbar 

Whether you're a seasoned traveller seeking adventure or a family seeking a relaxing escape, the rural paradise of Kalbar offers a memorable experience in the heart of the Scenic Rim.

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