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Just beyond the vibrant Gold Coast and the tranquil Lamington National Park lies Canungra, a charming township rich in history, arts, natural beauty, and adventure.

This captivating destination offers something for everyone and is a popular destination among both outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers.

Albeit a population of around 1,229 people, Canungra's bustling business centre still thrives due to its constant flow of tourists seeking its surrounding attractions.

Many travellers choose to pause their journey here, en route to Lamington National Park or the mountain resorts of Binna Burra Lodges and O'Reilly's, further contributing to the town's lively atmosphere.


Map of Canungra

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A Brief History of Canungra

Canungra's roots trace back to the 1880s when the Lahey family established Queensland's largest sawmill. Although the timber industry has waned, remnants like the Lahey's Tramway Tunnel and the timber interiors of St. Luke's Church keep alive the tales of that era.

Today, the town retains its old-world charm, attracting day trippers, motorcyclists, and nature enthusiasts. Canungra's diverse landscape attracts hang-gliders, birdwatchers, and bushwalkers, blending history with outdoor adventure.

The town's name holds a piece of its past. Some believe it originates from the Aboriginal word "Caningera," signifying "small owls," while others suggest its root lies in the Yugambeh word "gungunga," meaning "a long flat or clearing."

Irrespective of its origin, the town's nickname, "Valley of the Owls," reflects this close bond with nature.


Local Amenities

Canungra ensures a comfortable stay with essential amenities like Canungra State School, healthcare facilities, shops, and cafes. Visitors can savour local flavours at charming cafes and shops, relishing delicious meals, locally roasted coffee, and unique art and handcrafted goods.

With its thriving wine industry, modern equine facilities, and warm community spirit, Canungra caters to diverse interests. History enthusiasts can delve into the town's timber industry heritage through historic sites like St. Luke's Church and the Lahey Tramway Tunnel, unravelling Canungra's rich past.

Charming bed and breakfasts nestled amidst nature's beauty ensure a memorable stay, allowing visitors to soak in Canungra's unique atmosphere and friendly hospitality. There is also a range of local scenic rim cottages throughout the region where you'll experience a relaxing and authentic holiday experience.

Indulging in local culinary delights is a must. The iconic Outpost Cafe, established in 1946, is famous for its award-winning homemade pies. The historic Canungra Hotel offers bistro-style take-away, while O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyard provides gourmet picnic baskets for creekside enjoyment.


Canungra Local Attractions

Canungra is an outdoor adventure paradise. Whether hiking along Canungra Creek or enjoying exhilarating hang-gliding rides, visitors can immerse themselves in nature's wonders. The town hosts an annual rodeo with bull riding and competitions and features the Canungra Village Markets brimming with local arts, crafts, and fresh produce.

Canungra offers a range of experiences like hot-air balloon or hang-gliding rides, scenic picnics at O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyard, pub meals at Canungra Hotel, and diverse shopping experiences, including local farm stalls for fresh produce.

Additional activities and amenities in Canungra include:

 Lahey Tramway Tunnel: Explore this historic hand-dug sandstone tunnel.
 Canungra Creek: Enjoy bird-watching, walking trails, waterfalls, and picnics.
✓ Vineyards: Visit local vineyards for award-winning wines.
 Canungra Village Markets at Moriarty Park: Discover local art, crafts, and produce.
 Canungra Rodeo: Experience thrilling competitions like bull riding and barrel racing.
 Community Facilities: Access public libraries, parks, and sports facilities.


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Cottage Accommodation near Canungra 

Whether you're a seasoned traveller seeking adventure or a family seeking a relaxing escape, the rural paradise of Canungra offers a memorable experience in the heart of the Scenic Rim.

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